Pearlville School is a close-knit educational community where children are received from their ages of innocence, treated with great love, respect and nurtured into young men and women of intellect, character and integrity.  PS understands that the search for quality education has remained a great concern for our parents.  Our parents are taking the extra mile to provide their children with education that is rich in value and quality.  Hence the need to have an educational institution that has the physical and human resources to provide standard and values-based education in a highly conducive learning environment is the focus of Pearlville School.  Pearlville School embodies all the tenets of an international model school.  It is situated at Pearlville Avenue, Avu- Owerri West L.G.A., Imo State, Nigeria, in a very conducive environment for learning, free from all the bustle of a city.  The school is open to indigenous and international students.   Pearlville School was officially introduced to Imo State with a ground breaking ceremony held on February 23rd, 2012. Since then a lot of human and physical resources have gone into making its Grand Opening for September 2014, a reality.