Clubs at Pearlville School are student-directed organizations, sponsored by the faculty, that have been established to explore shared interests. Clubs provide opportunities to develop student leadership skills, and provide forums for students and faculty to work together outside 

of the classroom. Each club must have a faculty advisor. The clubs must submit their constitutions to the Dean of Students who maintains the paperwork for the clubs.

Pearlville School strongly believes in giving back to the society. Students are expected to contribute immensely to the community by reaching out to the needy, and assisting in community development. To that effect, all students are expected to engage in one day of community service every month. Places for community service include but not limited to visits and services to the 
Motherless Babies’ Home, Hospitals, Farms, and Local Schools among others.

The school store provides opportunity for students and families to buy school-themed
items. These items are very good for keepsakes. They are also good to id
entify with one’s alma mater. The store also carries school/student supplies.

School’s primary goal is to provide excellent nutritious and well-balanced meals in a relaxed atmosphere. Our school menu is carefully created by the chef and reviewed by the head of school. In addition, intermediate healthy fruits and snacks are provided in-between meals.