Head of School's Welcome:

I welcome you to Pearlville School, where we take pride in providing sound education for our students. The vision of Pearlville School is to nurture a community of learners, whose intellectual growth and character will prepare them for principled lives of leadership and social service. Pearlville School is a grade 7-12 (JSS1-SS3) co-educational all-boarding school with the aim of developing learners, who through self-discovery, inquiry and collaborative learning will develop visions for academic and social success. We encourage each student to explore his or her place in the larger world beyond our campus. With a highly qualified and supportive staff, students are guided towards critical and collaborative learning. The structured, yet friendly environment enables the nurturing of students' character, while encouraging them to develop understanding and respect for community values and cultures.

At Pearlville School, we strive to:


  • Instill a passion for learning and to promote intellectual growth through a high standard of teaching and learning.


  • Promote school’s values of intellect, excellence in character and strong emphasis on integrity.


         Provide a highly qualified and supportive staff to guide learners towards critical/creative thinking and cooperative learning.

  1. Provide a well-rounded extracurricular program in which students can develop and pursue their talents and interests.

  2. Foster a sense of family by giving students a feeling of belonging and self-worth in a safe and caring environment.

  3. Encourage students to have understanding of, appreciation for, and contribution towards their community and its values.

  4. Provide a network of learners where every student, current and past, is a part of the network.

  1. - Dr. Pearl Onukwugha