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Residential Life

Pearlville School offers full boarding for all students.  At Pearlville School, the hostels are not just places to sleep.  They are homes away from homes; students’ personal space in a larger community, where they learn the life skills and confidence to live independently.  The boarding life provides opportunities for students to socially interact, problem solve and learn from one another outside of the classroom walls.  All rooms in the hostels are en-suite with individual convenience, closets and shelves.  Each hostel has a student lounge for socializing, equipped with couches, TV, recreational equipment, and music system. The individual hostels are supervised by live-in staff members called the house parents.

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Pearlville School’s primary goal is to provide excellent nutritious and well-balanced meals in a relaxed atmosphere. Our school menu is carefully created by the chef and reviewed by the head of school. In addition, intermediate healthy fruits and snacks are provided in-between meals.

Health Centre


The Health Centre provides a range of support and services including assessing illnesses, injuries and psychological issues, providing care during illnesses, and coordinating with outside healthcare professionals.  The Health Centre is managed by the school nurse and a visiting Doctor.  The Centre’s staff also coordinates with the School’s athletic trainer for sports related injuries.

Clubs and Activities


Clubs at Pearlville School are student-directed organizations, sponsored by the faculty, that have been established to explore shared interests. Clubs provide opportunities to develop student leadership skills, and provide forums for students and faculty to work together outside of the classroom.  Each club must have a faculty advisor.